Nails strengthening coat Cosmetics
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Brand: MIRRA
Product Code: 3049_________________VALUE: 6 ml


It’s an ideal product for nails and cuticles care. A specially developed complex of minerals and antioxidants strengthens the nails, makes them healthier; improves the cuticles; stabilizes the nails growth, prevents chipping and peeling.


Promotes a gentle but long-lasting effect providing an optimal nails growth and better condition of the skin around the nails due to restoring metabolism including microelements, amino acids and pH regulation. The product provides a diverse beneficial health effect, returns natural color and structure to the nails, and reduces various defects (fragility, brittleness, peeling, surface imperfection).


Apply a small amount to the nail surface and the skin around it using a glass-dropper or a brush and let it dry. Repeat the procedure if necessary. Leave the coat overnight or for 3-5 hours. At night the efficiency of the product is much higher due to the nail growth and nurture biorhythms. The coat is easily removed with warm water.

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